Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners play an important role in helping deliver comfort and care to children and their families whether it's through monetary gifts, in-kind donations or volunteering. 

Ways to Get Involved

  • Financial Donations – We rely on financial donations from corporations that go directly toward providing our "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children
  • In-Kind Donations – RMH welcomes donations that defray the costs of housing families and offer our corporate partners an opportunity to showcase their products and services-from computer equipment and paper products to services like plumbing and e-marketing.

    MBM Corporation, a food services distribution company based on Rocky Mount, has regularly donated laundry supplies to support families of the Ronald McDonald House of Durham.

  • Fundraising – Fundraising programs provide your employees the opportunity to engage in teamwork while actively supporting a meaningful cause. Your organization can assist in raising funds through an existing House program, or as part of a fundraiser created by your team.

    ISA, a professional society in Research Triangle Park, has raised over $2000 for the families at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham through intra-office fundraisers.

  • Volunteer/Team Building Projects – There are a myriad of ways for employees to volunteer at the House. We can match volunteer opportunities and individuals to best apply their time and talents. To learn more about the possibilities for volunteers or team building projects, click here.

    GlaxoSmithKline, who generously endowed the Family Room, sends 2-3 groups of their employees to the House to clean and cook meals for the families each year.

  • Cause-Related Marketing – We tailor partnerships to meet the goals of each corporate donor while aligning our mission of improving the health and well being of children and their families.
  • Event and Program Sponsorship – Supporting RMH can help you reach a target audience, build brand awareness and motivate employees while supporting your community. Contact us today to find out about annual sponsorship opportunities.

For more information

To learn more about how your organization could benefit from partnering with the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, contact Nancy Jones, Director of Development & Communications, at 919-281-1065 or

Benefits of Corporate Partnership

A corporate partnership with the Ronald McDonald House can impact your organization in so many positive ways. Below are just a few dynamic ways the House has enriched the corporate environment and bottom line for our partners:

  • Achieve Your Goals – Help your company achieve its social responsibility goals while creating positive community relationships among your employees.
  • Make a Big Impact – Directly make a difference in the lives of the 13,000 children and families the Ronald McDonald House of Durham supports annually.
  • Partner With A Leader – Partnering with the Ronald McDonald House Charities means association with one of the world's leading children's organizations.
  • Enjoy the Halo Effect – Research has proven that employees, customers and stakeholders will support a charity that they recognize and trust - in a recent survey, 95 percent of people asked were aware of Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  • Build Your Brand – Gain positive community awareness through recognition on Ronald McDonald House of Durham website, e-mail, newsletter and other communication tools.
  • A Positive Relationship Among Customers & Employees – Partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities will have a positive influence on your customers and employees. 92 percent of Americans have a more positive image of companies that support a cause.
  • Be the Customer's First Choice – Research has shown that 87 percent of Americans are likely to switch brands (when price and quality are equal) to support a cause.
  • Proud to Be On Your Team. – Research has shown that 88 percent of workers whose companies have a cause-related program feel proud of their companies' values
  • I Love My Company – Research shows that 93 percent of Americans say it's important for their companies to provide them with opportunities to become involved in social issues. This is such an important issue that 81 percent of Americans consider a company's social commitment when deciding where to work.
  • A Culture of Caring – Approximately 89 percent of Americans believe that corporations and non-profits should work together to raise money and awareness for causes.

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